Assitant Professor
Computer Science Department
Unversity of Texas at Dallas

kangkook.jee (_at_) utdallas (_dot_) edu
Computer Science Dept.
University of Texas at Dallas
800 West Campbell Road, EC-31
Richardson, TX 75080

Job Openings

I have several RA openings available. I'm looking for Ph.D. students and other talented, highly motivated students to join my group. If you are interested, please feel free to drop me an email!


I am an assistant professor at Computer Science department at University of Texas at Dallas. Previously, I was a researcher in the Computer Security Department at NEC Labs America in Princeton, NJ. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University. My advisor was Prof. Angelos D. Keromytis. Prior to my graduate study, I spent five years from industry working as a system engineer at IBM Korea.

Research Interest

Systems Security; Operating Systems; Information Flow Tracking;Program Analysis; Binary Analysis and Instrumentation; Malware Analysis

Conference Publications

A Query System for Efficiently Investigating Complex Attack Behaviors for Enterprise Security (Demo paper)
P.Gao, X.Xiao, Z.Li,K.Jee, F.Xu, S.R.Kulkarni, P.Mittal In Proceedings of VLDB, Aug. 2019.

Countering Malicious Processes with End-point DNS Monitoring
S. Sivakorn , K. Jee, Y. Sun, L. Kort-Parn, Z. Li, C. Lumezanu, Z. Wu, L. Tang, D. Li In Proceedings of NDSS, Feb. 2019.

NoDoze: Combatting Threat Alert Fatigue with Automated Provenance Triage
W. U. Hassan, S. Guo, D. Li, Z. Chen, K. Jee, Z. Li, A. Bates In Proceedings of NDSS, Nov. 2019.

NodeMerge: Template Based Efficient Data Reduction For Big-Data Causality Analysis
Y. Tang, D. Li, Z. Li, M. Zhang, K. Jee, Z. Wu, J. Rhee, X. Xiao, F. Xu, Q. Li In Proceedings of CCS, Nov. 2018.

SAQL: A Stream-based Query System for Real-Time Abnormal System Behavior Detection
P. Gao, X. Xiao, D. Li, Z. Li, K. Jee, Z. Wu, C. H. Kim, S. R. Kulkarni, P. Mittal. In Proceedings of Usenix Security Aug. 2018.

AIQL: Enabling Efficient Attack Investigation from System Monitoring Data
P. Gao, X. Xiao, Z. Li, K. Jee, F. Xu, S. R. Kulkarni, P. Mittal. In Proceedings of Usenix ATC Jul. 2018.

Towards a timely causality analysis for enterprise security
Y. Liu, M. Zhang, D. Li, K. Jee, Z. Li, Z Wu, J Rhee, P Mittal. In Proceedings of NDSS Feb. 2018.

High fidelity data reduction for big data security dependency analyses
Z Xu, Z Wu, Z Li, K Jee, J Rhee, X Xiao, F Xu, H Wang, G Jiang In Proceedings of CCS Nov. 2016.

IntFlow: improving the accuracy of arithmetic error detection using information flow tracking
M Pomonis, T Petsios, K Jee, M Polychronakis, AD Keromytis. In Proceedings of ACSAC, Oct. 2014.

ShadowReplica: Efficient Parallelization of Dynamic Data Flow Tracking
K. Jee, V. P. Kemerlis, A. D. Keromytis and G. Portokalidis. In Proceedings of ACM CCS, Nov. 2013.

libdft: Practical Dynamic Data Flow Tracking for Commodity Systems
V. P. Kemerlis, G. Portokalidis, K. Jee, and A. D. Keromytis. In Proceedings of ACM VEE, Apr. 2012.

A General Approach for Efficiently Accelerating Software-based Dynamic Data Flow Tracking on Commodity Hardware
K. Jee, G. Portokalidis, V. P. Kemerlis, S. Ghosh, D. I. August, and A. D. Keromytis. In proceedings of NDSS Feb. 2012.

An Adversarial Evaluation of Network Signaling and Control Mechanisms
K. Jee, S. Sidiroglou-Douskos, A. Stavrou, and A. D. Keromytis. In Proceedings of ICISC Dec. 2010


AIX Practical performance and tuning guide
K. Hayashi, K. Jee, O. Lascu, H. Pienaar, S. Schreitmueller, T. Tarquinio, J. Thompson. published by IBM Press books, ISBN-0738491799 March 2005


Host behavior and network analytics based automotive secure gateway
J Rhee, H Li, Hao Shuai, CH Kim, Z Wu, LI Zhichun, K Jee, L Korts-Parn US Patent App. 16/146,166, issued on Apr 2019.

Inter-application dependency analysis for improving computer system threat detection
D Li, K Jee, Z Chen, LA Tang, LI Zhichun US Patent App. 16/006,164 issued on Mar 2019.

Path-based program lineage inference analysis
J Rhee, Z Wu, L Korts-Parn, K Jee, LI Zhichun, O Setayeshfar US Patent App. 16/039,993 issued on Feb 2019.

Automated software safeness categorization with installation lineage and hybrid information sources.
J Rhee, Z Wu, L Korts-Parn, K Jee:, LI Zhichun, O Setayeshfar US Patent App. 16/040,086 issued on Feb 2019.

Template based data reduction for security related information flow data.
D Li, K Jee, Z Wu, M Zhang, Z Li. US Patent 15/979,512, issued on Nov 2018.

Template based data reduction for commercial data mining.
D Li,K Jee, Z Wu, M Zhang, Z Li. US Patent 15/979,514, issued on Nov 2018.

Blackbox Program Privilege Flow Analysis with Inferred Program Behavior Context.
J Rhee, Y Jeon, Z LI, K Jee, Z Wu, G Jiang. US Patent 15/623,538, issued on Feb 2018.

Fine-Grained Analysis and Prevention of Invalid Privilege Transitions.
J Rhee, Y Jeon, Z LI, K Jee, Z Wu, G Jiang. US Patent 15/623,589, issued on Feb 2018.

Automated blackbox inference of external origin user behavior.
Z Wu, J Rhee, Y Jeon, Z Li, K Jee, G Jiang. US Patent 15/652,796 , issued on Feb 2018.

Host level detect mechanism for malicious dns activities.
K Jee, Z LI, G Jiang, L Korts-Parn, Z Wu, Y Sun, J Rhee. US Patent 15/644,018 , issued on Jan 2018.

Extraction and comparison of hybrid program binary features.
J Rhee, Z Li, Z Wu, K Jee, G Jiang. US Patent 15/479,928, issued on Oct 2017.

High Fidelity Data Reduction for System Dependency Analysis.
Z Wu, Z Li, J Rhee, F Xu, G Jiang, K Jee, X Xiao, Z Xu. US Patent 15/416,346 issued on Aug 2017

Intrusion Detection Using Efficient System Dependency Analysis.
Z Wu, Z Li, J Rhee, F Xu, G Jiang, K Jee, X Xiao, Z Xu, J Rhee. US Patent 15/416,462, issued on Aug 2017

PhD Thesis

On Efficiency and Accuracy of Data Flow Tracking Systems
Computer Science Department, Columbia University in the City of New York. 2016.


Advice for researchers and students compiled by Michael Ernst


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